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Our legacy of helping Muslims in performing their obligatory religious duty Hajj, and non-obligatory religious duty Umrah, goes back to over two decades, when the visionary MOHAMMED HAMEED KHAN laid the foundation of Al Fahad Haj and Umrah Tours And Travels in 1999. with the partners MD.MOHAMMED MAJEED KHAN and MOHAMMED FAHAD KHAN.Since our inception, every year we have enabled thousands of pilgrims to successfully fulfill their promise to Allah. Our expert team of experienced professionals in India and Saudi Arabia are committed towards ensuring that every aspect of this holy pilgrimage is executed flawlessly, and the pilgrim is in a relaxed state of mind during the sacred journey.


At Al Fahad Haj and Umrah Tours And Travels the best Affordable Hajj Packages 2018 is available for Muslims living in India.The Islamic or Hijri Calendar is a lunar calendar based on moon sightings. The actual advent of each month depends upon the physical sighting of the new moon. The corresponding Gregorian dates are estimates based upon astronomical calculations, endorsed by the Fiqh Council of India. The Hyderabad dates for Hajj change from year to year. The Islamic day always begins at sunset.


Umrah is Arabic word which means visit of Khana Kaabah or bayt Ullah. Bayt ullah is the sacred house of ALLAH. It is the uncompelled obligation in Islam to perform at least once in life. Its basic purpose is to worship ALLAH by performing Tawaaf of Khana Kaabah and saii between mount Safa and Marwah. It is necessary for us to cut hair for Umrah. People perform Umrah and choose different kinds of ways to go; sometimes they get convenient way and pay for it while sometimes they pay extra unwillingly.


Madinah is the second-holiest city in Islam.It is also known as Madinah An-Nabi (The City of the Prophet) or Madinah Al-Munawwarah (The Enlightened City). In ancient times, the city was known as Yathrib. Located 450 kilometers (200+ miles) north of Makkah, Yathrib was an agricultural center in the harsh desert landscape of the Arabian Peninsula. Blessed with an abundant water supply, the city of Yathrib became a stopping point for caravans passing through, and its citizens were heavily involved in trade..